Coyotes on drugs? Maybe so.

Posted on: February 23, 2016 | Bob Frye | Comments

Coyote--pgc Pennsylvania Game Commission
Coyotes on drugs? That’s a new one for the wildlife world.

 American has, in places, problems with nuisance wildlife. It has, in places, problems with drugs.

What do you get when those two places overlap?

Crazy coyotes on psychedelic ‘shrooms, apparently.

Talk about a wild story.

According to a story in the Pacific Sun, residents of West Marin, Calif., across the bay from San Francisco, have reported numerous cases of a coyote or coyotes “attacking” vehicles along Highway 1. It or they hang around on the road after dark, darting in and out of traffic; when drivers stop to avoid a collision, the animal or animals walk up to sniff their vehicles and even bite at the wheels.

There have been enough such cases that wildlife authorities have actually been called to investigate.

Three possible explanations for the behavior have been put forward.

One is rabies. That’s been dismissed because the attacks have been going on for weeks, and a coyote with the disease would likely have died already.

Another possibility – the most likely, some say – is that someone’s been feeding the animals and now they associate people with food.

The third possibility?

Some have speculated that the coyotes are eating fly agaric mushrooms, which have hallucinogenic properties.

You can see the whole story here.

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