When to reach out to anglers?

Posted on: February 24, 2016 | Bob Frye | Comments

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Bob Frye / Tribune-Review
Anglers return to the boat launch at High Point Lake last fall.

Their check might not be in the mail, but their postcard might be.

Those anglers who were the first to buy three-year fishing licenses when they became available in 2013 are due to re-up this year. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission wants to make sure they do.

It intends to send reminder postcards, encouraging people to get a license.

When to put them in the mail sparked some debate recently, though.

Steve Krailk, director of the commission’s bureau of outreach, education and marketing, said he’s “not too worried” about reaching out to those people until March 1 or even April 1.

“That’s way too late,” said commissioner Bill Sabatose of Elk County.

Commissioners Glade Squires of Chester County and Ed Mascharka of Erie said the same, and suggested the agency should have had them out weeks ago. Additional reminders could go out later in spring, they said.

There’s some research suggesting pestering customers too often and too soon can “irritate” them, though, said executive director John Arway. He suggested waiting until the weeks before trout season to initiate contact.

“That’s when we should send reminders out, when people are starting to think about fishing,” he said.

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