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Hope you have a great weekend of outdoor adventures planned. Here's what the Everybody Adventures team and I have been up to this week. Be sure to post your photos on the site and keep checking back – there's a lot going on outside this time of year, and I just can't get enough!

See you out there,

The start of another fishing season

With so many fish species available, and so many opportunities to chase them, it’s hard to think of any one day as “the” first day of fishing.

But this is about as close as it gets.

Trout stocking season is here in states all around the country. In places, anglers can already pursue those fish.

But there’s still a trout opener in many spots, too. And that’s a special thing.

Yes, it can be a circus, sometimes too much of one. But it’s also an opportunity for families to get together and bond over some time outdoors.

And that’s always a good thing.

So I’m looking forward to casting a line for brookies, browns, rainbows and perhaps even a golden, all with a son or two or perhaps a family friend there with me.

Hopefully you’ll get out, too. It’s time for fishing!

Stories from afield

• It’s possible to consistently catch yellow perch, and some big ones, on the Great Lakes. But the game has changed a bit from what it once was. Two experts share some thoughts.

• Trout stocking season is here. That means variety in terms of the fish available to catch. So where did they all come from? We look at how things came to be.

• Mentored programs are supposed to make it easy for people to try hunting. So what happens when they become a barrier themselves? Changes like these apparently.

• We’ve all see road maps. Hiking trail maps, too. So why not river trail maps? They’re a real thing and they can be tremendously helpful when exploring new waters.

Outdoors extras

Just how many miles can you expect to get out of a pair of hiking boots? We examine that, look at look at a new fishing lure and talk matching your reel to your line. See it all here. Read More

In case you missed it

• Crappies are a mystery fish for many anglers. They’re relatively easy to find and catch during the spawn, But then they disappear. We talked to one expert, though, who offered tips for all-season crappie action.

• You’re not alone if you’re hoping to camp with your pet this year. That’s something surging in popularity. But how best to do it for everyone’s sake.? Here’s some handy and important advice.

• This is a familiar story: chronic wasting disease continues to spread. One state is readying to roll out a new response plan, though. Hunters who want to weigh in on that need to hurry.

Your Adventures

Catch a big fish? Bag a nice deer? Catch a special moment on camera outdoors with family or friends or get a photo of a spectacular sunset? Share your photos in the Your Adventure section of Everybody Adventures.

Or head over to Facebook and join our fishing group, Fishing PA or our hunting group, Hunting PA. My hope is that it’s a place where we’ll come together as a community and share stories (some of them even true) and photos, ask and answer questions, mentor others and just have fun.

Have a question? Want to make a comment? Suggest a story idea? Drop us a note at

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