Radical new WishBow’n bow makes its debut

Posted on: March 13, 2015 | Bob Frye | Comments


The WishBow’n is unique among other bows on the market.

Is it a compound bow? Is it a crossbow? Is it a slingshot, even?

Well … yes.

One of the more unusual products on display at the 2015 Great American Outdoor Show was the WishBow’n from Chirico Archery. You hold it like a slingshot, but it’s got arms like a compound. And it shoots from a horizontal platform, like a crossbow.

Developed by archer Tony Chirico, it features a 1911-style pistol grip and can be shot right- or left-handed, without the need for an arm guard, and all while weighing less than four pounds.

It’s meant to be more than just a toy, though. With draw weights up to 70 pounds, it can be as lethal on big game as any other bow.

That’s the key. A Pennsylvania Game Commission source said the bow would be legal for hunting things such as deer here, so long as it met the minimum draw weight requirements. The shape or look of the bow is irrelevant.

Watching folks test it out at the show’s archery range, it seems as accurate as any other bow. And it’s certainly more maneuverable and easy to carry.

But will it catch on, and start showing up in Pennsylvania’s woods?

You can check out the company website and see some videos of the bow in action by clicking here.

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