Outdoor extras, including a campfire recipe pairing peaches and bacon

Posted on: July 22, 2019 | Bob Frye | Comments

You want outdoor extras? We’ve got outdoor extras…

Gear of the week

Gear name: Power Armz

Company: 4id (https://www.everybodyshops.com/power-armz-led-safety-armband.html)

Gear type: Lighted armbands

Safety while camping is important, as is eating well, like peaches.

Power Armz

Product description: 4id’s Power Armz are a favorite of runners and cyclists because their bright light – which can be set to flash or shine continuously – are powerful enough to make them noticeable and therefore safe. They’re water resistant weatherproof and study, too, made of silicone. Others use them, too, though. Adjustable and made to fit arms with a diameter of 9 to 15 inches, their visibility makes them great for hiking or backpacking early, late and after dark, and for keeping tabs on children playing around camp. In a pinch they can be used to highlight tent guylines, make yourself more visible if lost in the woods and more.

Available options: These lights are available in five colors: red, orange, green, blue and pink.

Suggested retail price: $12.99.

Notable: These come with two CR2032 batteries included. They can be replaced when they burn out, though that takes 100 hours when they’re set to flash, 70 hours when they burn continuously.

Tip of the week

Contrary to popular myth, catfish can’t “sting” you. They can stick you, though. All catfish have stiff, pointy spines on their dorsal and pectoral fins. Grab one incorrectly and there’s a good chance you’ll get pierced by one of those. To avoid that, especially with smaller cats, grab them from the top so your fingers are behind their pectoral spines and in front of their dorsal spine. You can also grab them from beneath the same way. Both approaches let you control the fish and keep those spines at bay. Here’s a look at what we mean.

Recipe of the week

Bacon wrapped peaches


  • 4 peaches, quartered and pitted
  • 8-10 strips of bacon
  • Fresh basil
  • Balsamic glaze


Summer, peaches, camping and cast iron grilling. Oh, and bacon, too.

Yeah, those all go together in a pretty amazing way, especially if you use this recipe from Lodge.

Put your cast iron – Lodge recommends its Cook-It-All, though a skillet works, too – on a bed of hot coals. Heat it up so that it’s hot, but not scorching.

Place two basil leaves on the cut side of each peach. Wrap that all up with half a strip of bacon. Use a toothpick to hold it in place.

Put those on the iron, turning occasionally, and cook the peaches as long as necessary for the bacon to crisp up. That’s usually about 20 minutes.

To finish, drizzle the peaches with a balsamic glaze and garnish with fresh basil, then serve.


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