Outdoor extras, including a tip on paddle length

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You want outdoor extras? We’ve got outdoor extras…

Gear of the week

Gear name: Stay Put

Company: Sawyer (https://www.everybodyshops.com/sawyer-stay-put-sunscreen-lotion-spf30.html)

Choosing the right paddle length is important.

Stay Put Sunscreen

Gear type: Sunscreen

Product description: I’ve turned my wife into a paddler. She doesn’t fish, but she loves taking her kayak out and cruising rivers and lakes. Unfortunately for her, the same sun that leaves me tan burns her relentlessly. So sunscreen – of a kind that won’t wash off if she sweats or gets wet — is a must. Enter Sawyer’s Stay Put. It bonds to your skin, making it waterproof and at least sweat resistant. It doesn’t feel greasy going on, but stays in place for an extended period of time. And it doesn’t contain any harmful PABA chemicals either.

Available options: This comes in an 8-ounce bottle. It’s a lotion versus a spray-on sunscreen.

Suggested retail price: $13.99.

Notable: Because this bonds to the skin, it can be used beneath picaridin insect repellent. That makes it good on hikes, when camping or otherwise outdoors in buggy country.

Tip of the week

Stand up paddle boarding is growing in popularity, and it’s no wonder. It’s a fun way to get out on the water. But to really have a good time you have to move across the water comfortably and efficiently. And that has a lot to do with paddle length. To size yours, place the paddle grip on the ground at your feet, with the paddle in the air. The spot where the blade meets the shaft should be level with your eyes. You can adjust things from there if needed, but that’s a good starting point.

Recipe of the week

Easy camp quiche


  • 1 pound cooked turkey, diced
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 ½ cups shredded cheese
  • ½ cup Bisquick
  • Seasoning blend of your choice


This is a simple yet tasty camp meal, made all the easier because – so long as you bring cooked turkey – you make it all in one Dutch oven.

Grease the Dutch oven well. Spread the turkey, cheese and onion to cover the bottom.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix the eggs, milk, Bisquick and seasoning. When that’s well blended, pour it in the Dutch oven.

Bake for 30 minutes, or until the eggs are done. That usually takes seven charcoal briquettes on the lid and 16 underneath.


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