Groups attempt to reach gun owners, sportsmen

Posted on: March 27, 2015 | Bob Frye | Comments

I came across a couple of interesting ideas for uniting hunters and gun owners recently.
First, as anyone who’s been paying attention knows, social media isn’t always friendly to hunters and gun owners.
Antis use it as a platform for attacking hunters. Women have been an especially frequent target in recent years, with photos of female hunters with their game prompting all kind of vile reaction, including death threats.
A lot of social media outlets prohibit or restrict posts involving guns, too.
Enter Gun District.
“Gun District was born as a place for responsible gun enthusiasts to share the same things online that all other Americans freely enjoy relating to their interests, friends and jobs, without being harassed or discriminated against,” said Paul Glasco, president and founder of Legally Armed America and Gun District.
“We can guarantee autonomy because we manage it ourselves under the Legally Armed America umbrella. As our Second Amendment rights come under more scrutiny and are increasingly threatened, it’s important that we all stay informed and united as a group, and that’s where Gun District plays an important role.”
You have to register at to become a member of the site, but it’s free.
The site will include discussion forums, event listings, classifieds, business profiles and more.
Will it catch on with gun owners? It will be interesting to see.
Second, if you’ve spent any time in the woods hunting – or along a stream bank or lakeshore fishing, for that matter – you know the majority if outdoor participants are white. National statistics put the figure at more than 90 percent.
A Missouri man is trying to change that.
According to a recent story in the Kansas City Star, Eric Morris has founded the Black Wolf Hunting Club. It’s goal is to get more African-Americans out hunting.
Together with other volunteers, Morris has taken individuals and families of color on hunting trips in a number of states. They’ve targeted deer, rabbits and waterfowl.
He’s traveled to various places around the country spreading word of his group and encouraging others to form similar outreach efforts.
Will that take off? That will be interesting to see, too.
In the meantime, you can read his story here.

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