Getting children started in fishing

Posted on: April 13, 2017 | Bob Frye | Comments

There are many joys to be had from fishing with children, provided you start them right.
Photo: PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Walk into any giant box store and look at the children’s fishing rods. They’ll all be armed with push-button spincast reels.

That’s OK so far as things go.

But when it comes to getting really young children into fishing, Mike DelVisco recommends going even simpler.

The Dandridge, Tenn., bass fishing pro got his start as an angler using a cane pole. He’s convinced they’re perfect for youngsters just starting.

Fish are the reason.

Children just want to catch something, he said. They don’t care what kind of fish it is or how big. They just want action.

A cane pole gives it to them with a minimum of trouble.

“That’s important for kids, to give them something that’s going to be easy to fish with, something that’s going to be easy for them to cast, something that’s going to be easy to catch a fish with,” DelVisco said.
Most cane poles will be about 10 feet long. Adding another 10 feet of line gives a youngster 20 feet or reach without the need for a reel.

Putting a sliding bobber on the line above a real bait or artificial like a small jig allows for fishing different depths.

The rods are relatively indestructible, too, another benefit with children.

“It’s just a very, very easy way to catch a fish,” DelVisco said.

More information on fishing with children

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