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Posted on: January 25, 2016 | Bob Frye | Comments

Pic--Flintlock hunterIn a world of smartphones, tablets, rangefinders, trailer cameras and such, there’s still room for old technology, at least in the deer woods.

Visit just about any of the outdoor shows set for the coming weeks and you’ll see all kinds of new gear meant to make you a better hunter or angler.

There’s one exception.

The 18th annual Bushy Run Historic Arms Show is all about the old. It’s run by the Old Westmoreland Rifles-Collector’s Show Association and has a unique goal.

Namely, “its purpose is to educate the public about the weapons and related accessories that were made and used by the pioneers, Native Americans and military troops during the early period of this region’s history, 1500 thru 1900,” reads promotional material.

The show is set for Jan. 29-30 at Colton Hall at 3100 Blocks Road in Claridge. Hours are from 3-7 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.

There will be a selection of old firearms, “original antiques that shot lead ball and/or buckshot and used black powder.” Of special note, a Pennsylvania longrifle made by legendary crafter Jacob Dickert, who built rifles in Lancaster County starting in about 1769, will be on display.

Also featured will be arms and accessories – from complete rifles to parts and kits — made by modern artisans.

There’s more: art and prints depicting the pioneer period done by western Pennsylvania artist Andrew Knez Jr., literature dedicated to history of the longrifle and related subjects, and food. Old Westmoreland Rifles will have a registration table where shooters can join the club.

Here’s what’s really interesting. The public is invited to bring their heirloom muzzleloading rifles – as well as powder horns and accessories — to the show for identification and appraisal. No ammunition or powder is allowed, nor is photography without permission.

The show is open to those ages 10 and older, though those 10-16 must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are $7 for adults and $3 for children younger than 12.

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