A new all-time No. 2?

Posted on: November 4, 2015 | Bob Frye | Comments

Blog--Big deerDan Coffman, center, poses with his massive Ohio whitetail and conservation officer Tony Zerkle.

 An Ohio hunter has killed what may turn out to be the second-biggest whitetail ever taken with a bow.

Dan Coffman, of the television show “The Break TV,” shot the deer on Oct. 26 near Junction City, southwest of Zanesville. It was reportedly a buck he’d been watching for two years. Details on what it scores have not been released, officially.

But some media reports put its gross green score at more than 300 inches, and suggested it’s expected to net about 286.

The current world record nontypical whitetail was shot in 2000 – also in Ohio – and scores 294.

A Facebook post by Your Wild Ohio-Hunting shows a photo of Coffman with Ohio Department of Natural Resources wildlife officer Tony Zerkle and a boy, presumably his son.

“Congratulations to Ohio hunter Dan Coffman on successfully harvesting this world class whitetail!” it reads. “Wildlife officer Tony Zerkle was impressed with Coffman’s preparation even before season. When Coffman realized he may have an opportunity to harvest the deer, he contacted Zerkle in the months leading up to the season. He advised him of the potential harvest and most importantly he contacted the neighboring landowners and built trust so he may be able to retrieve the deer if needed. That preparation paid off when he got permission to retrieve the deer from a neighboring property. Congrats again, Dan!”

Coffman filmed his hunt. It will be aired in July or August of 2016.

In the meantime, he’s hesitant to share too much information, he said in a post on hunterslink.com

“To everyone who is following the story of this new journey that I was blessed with, thank you very much. I’m honored and very excited for this. I have been getting a lot of detail information questions about my hunt and “The Coffman Buck.” Man, that is such an exciting thing for me to say!” he wrote.

“But either way, as much as I want to tell everyone and share this now, I’m unable to, so that we, ‘The Break’, can give you the best show possible”

He did say he would be posting additional pictures of the deer, however.

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