A first bass to remember

Posted on: July 1, 2016 | Bob Frye | Comments

kid big bassEleven-year-old Vaughn Good with his massive Lake Courage bass.

Do you remember your first fish, or your first really big one?

Vaughn Good probably will.

The 11-year-old from Swissvale was camping at Heritage Reservation in Farmington last week with Boy Scout Troop 23 of Edgewood. The troop was there for its annual summer camp outing.

Vaughn and a couple of other boys were fishing Lake Courage, catching bluegills.

Then things got interesting.

“Vaughn had only fished a few times in his life prior to last week, and he was very excited to catch some nice bluegills, but he wanted me to help him catch a bass,” said Jeff Hoener, one of the adults on the trip.

“So I caught a bluegill and rigged it on my bass rod about four feet under a bobber. He cast the bait out and a few minutes later caught the first bass he ever caught in his life, which just so happened to be 22 inches and about 5 pounds.

“Talk about beginners luck. What a thrill it was to watch him catch this fish.”

Vaughn was thrilled, too, judging by his excitement on a homemade video, where he told some other scouts how he caught it “right in the side of the jaw.”

What a start to a fishing career, right?

kid big bass 2Here’s another look at Vaughn and his big fish, with Jeff Hoener.

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