George Washington Sears, aka Nessmuk, wrote in the 1800s of the outdoors that, "We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it. We go to smooth it." That’s as true now as ever. The outdoors are for refreshing the soul and lifting the spirit.

Try convincing yourself of that – or better yet, your spouse, children or friends – when their feet are cold, their line is tangled, their sleeping bag is soggy, or their paddle is broken. Having the right gear can make all the difference.

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The Adventure Starts Here

Embarking on an outdoor odyssey

Talk about an outdoor odyssey. Everybody Adventures outdoors editor Bob Frye hopes to spend 260 days outdoors next year.

September 22, 2017

Outdoor extras, including a campfire recipe

How about a tasty campfire recipe to get things started? Plus a deer hunting tip and a blind that works on the ground or in a tree.

September 22, 2017

Angler combines fly fishing and art in a unique way

Fly fishing art often focuses on trout pulled from tiny mountain streams. That’s not the case with Alessio DeIuliis, though.

September 21, 2017

Smuggling case with ties to CWD, Pennsylvania deer farm revealed

A Pennsylvania deer farm that was confirmed to have chronic wasting disease within its herd has ties to a smuggling case.

September 21, 2017

Bradys Run Lake looks good for bass, not so good for panfish

Bradys Run Lake is home to a bass population that’s nice now and poised to get better. Its panfish, though, leave something to be desired.

September 20, 2017

Hunter education corps taking on a new look

Hunter education relies on volunteer instructors in Pennsylvania. For years, the instructor corps has been largely male. But things are changing a bit.

September 18, 2017

Handling submerged firearms and ammunition and more outdoor news

What should you do with submerged firearms and ammunition after pulling them from the water? Experts offer advice. Plus, some other outdoor news.

September 15, 2017

Is trouble brewing at Shenango River Lake?

Shenango River Lake is looking pretty good as a bass fishery these days. But might another species spell trouble for the waterway?

September 14, 2017

Venison preparation tips for the archery season

Archery season is here, so now’s the time to think not only about tagging a deer, but how to make the best use of it afterward. An expert offers some good advice.

September 14, 2017

Outdoor extras, including a steelhead burger recipe

If you’re thinking of keeping a steelhead or two for the table, and want something other than smoked or fried fish, here’s a good recipe. Plus, a new fishing lure and fishing tip.

September 14, 2017

Debating night vision, thermal imaging for nighttime predator hunting

Pennsylvania is not a state where predator hunters can use night vision and thermal imaging technology for nighttime predator hunting. Should that change?

September 13, 2017

Wild trout experiment on Penns Creek

Penns Creek is home to lots of wild brown trout. But are regulations that limit angler harvest creating more and bigger ones? That’s the question.

September 11, 2017

New wrinkles coming to Pennsylvania pheasant hunting

Pennsylvania pheasant hunting this fall will feature fewer birds going to fewer places. But the news is not all bad.

September 8, 2017

Wildlife-related recreation a huge economic force in America

Wildlife-related recreation — hunting, fishing and wildlife watching — is big business across America. Nearly four out of every 10 people are involved and they spend.

September 8, 2017

Outdoor extras, including a goose recipe and game processing kit

These birds sometimes get a bad rap as table fare, but you’ll change your mind after sampling this goose recipe. Plus, gear for hunters and a tip.

September 8, 2017

Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo kicks off duck season

Ducks are doing well across North America, so the outlook for the coming waterfowl seasons is a good one. The Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo will get things started off.

September 7, 2017

Rifle shooters earn awards, carry on tradition

Southwestern Pennsylvania has a long tradition of producing top-notch competition rifle shooters. That’s still going strong, based on some recent scores.

September 6, 2017

September will reveal worst of EHD outbreak among deer

The EHD outbreak that’s killing deer in western Pennsylvania is probably going to get worse before it gets better. This month will reveal the extent of things.

September 5, 2017

Talking state record rainbow trout and gill lice

Pennsylvania doesn’t have a new state record rainbow trout after all, now that an angler’s application was officially rejected. What the state does have is more gill lice.

September 1, 2017

New opportunities may be coming for disabled hunters

Disabled hunters have a few options for getting around on state game lands now. More may be coming, though. And for able-bodied hunters? There may soon be something new for them, too.

September 1, 2017

Outdoors extras, including a dove hunter recipe, paddling tip and more

A recipe for dove hunters? We’ve got it here. Plus, a paddling safety tip and new fishing lure for toothy critters.

September 1, 2017

Northern water snakes a blustery, but harmless and common, neighbor on the water

Northern water snakes were once persecuted because people thought they preyed excessively on game fish. Now, though, they’re doing well.

September 1, 2017

Wasting disease behind effort to survey, kill more white-tailed deer

Hunters in northwestern Pennsylvania have an opportunity to shoot more white-tailed deer this year. But will they? That’s one question. Read the full article…

August 31, 2017

Team USA takes bronze medal in 2017 youth world fly fishing championship

The U.S. youth fly fishing team took bronze in international competition at the 2017 World Youth Fly Fishing Championship in Slovenia. A Pittsburgh-area youth helped lead the way,

August 30, 2017

Ear-tagged deer test negative for disease, lead to conviction

Two ear-tagged deer found wandering in Elk County both tested negative for chronic wasting disease. But the man who illegally captured and tagged them has been convicted.

August 25, 2017

Rock bass provide fishermen with feisty late summer fun

The dog days of summer don;t have to mean looking only for catch. Rock bass are plenty active at this time of year, too, and fun to catch.

August 25, 2017

Think stealth for entering, exiting deer stands

It all seems so perfect. With archery season fast approaching, you’ve found the perfect place to hang a stand or Read the full article…

August 25, 2017

Bob Frye is a storyteller with a passion for all things outdoors. He hunts, he fishes, he hikes, he camps, he paddles, backpacks and snowshoes depending on the season. If he’s not an expert at anything, it’s because he’s passionate to try a little bit of everything.