George Washington Sears, aka Nessmuk, wrote in the 1800s of the outdoors that, "We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it. We go to smooth it." That’s as true now as ever. The outdoors are for refreshing the soul and lifting the spirit.

Try convincing yourself of that – or better yet, your spouse, children or friends – when their feet are cold, their line is tangled, their sleeping bag is soggy, or their paddle is broken. Having the right gear can make all the difference.

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Turtle Creek won’t get stocked trout, but Montour Run will

Turtle Creek isn’t getting any stocked trout this spring because of acid mine drainage. Montour Run, which also looked iffy for a while, will, however.

April 10, 2018

Brook trout trail to examine fisheries, aid students, communicate about special places

Pennsylvania’s brook trout trail, that’s the name of a new initiative aimed at getting college students fly fishing while taking a look at the state of trout in three watersheds.

April 10, 2018

Legislation exempting senior lifetime license holders from needing a pheasant permit finds new life

Senior lifetime license holders needed a pheasant permit to chase ringnecks this past fall, and perhaps will again this autumn. But after that? Legislation that would change that may be in the works.

April 9, 2018

Trout season set to open to big crowds of anglers and fish

The statewide opening day of trout season is just about here. Plenty of fish await the crowds of anglers expected to hit the water.

April 4, 2018

Outdoor extras, including a wading tip and recipe

Want to get at hard-to-reach trout? Consider wading. Just be sure to do it correctly. We’ve got that and a recipe and a must-have for the buggy outdoors.

April 4, 2018

Mentored youth trout day on tap

A special mentored youth trout fishing opportunity awaits families looking to get kids outside and engaged in the outdoors.

April 4, 2018

CWD hearing to debate what to do about troublesome disease

A planned CWD hearing will address what might be done to stop spread of the deer-killing disease in Pennsylvania. Expect it to be controversial.

April 4, 2018

Tips for attracting backyard wildlife and getting kids interested in nature

Attracting backyard wildlife to your home doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. There are some easy ways to manipulate your piece of the world for the sake of critters big and small.

April 3, 2018

Opening day of PA deer season under a microscope

Opening day of the statewide, firearms Pennsylvania deer season has been the Monday after Thanksgiving for more than 50 years. Some lawmakers believe it’s time for that to change.

April 2, 2018

Fishing license fee increase stalled by political fighting over executive director’s fate

Fishing license prices in Pennsylvania haven’t increased in more than a decade. Fish and Boat Commission officials say that has to change, and soon, or anglers and boaters will see cuts in programs and services. Lawmakers, though, have concerns.

March 28, 2018

Outdoor extras, including a trout fishing lure

Looking for a good trout fishing lure for spring? Here’s an option for you. Plus, we’ve got a turkey recipe and an outdoors tip.

March 28, 2018

Wolf Rocks Trail offers spectacular views throughout the seasons

Wolf Rocks is a place of special beauty, with a breathtaking overlook and colorful scenery. Oh, and nearby is a tiny but unique geologic wonder.

March 28, 2018

Tree stand safety campaign likely to replace mandatory use idea

The Game Commission is launching a tree stand safety campaign this summer and fall, aimed at keeping hunters safe in the woods. What it’s not likely to do it require harness use on state game lands.

March 27, 2018

Google Earth a handy tool for finding fishy hot spots

Waterfowlers and other hunters know to use Google Earth to uncover hidden hot spots. Fishermen can do the same.

March 26, 2018

Pheasant stockings to increase across PA this fall

Pheasant stockings are going to return to their old, higher, level across Pennsylvania this fall. The Game Commission plans to release 50,000 more birds than in 2017.

March 23, 2018

Deer harvest figures and a look at how PA stacks up

Pennsylvania’s deer harvest estimates are out and they suggest hunters did pretty well last season. The Game Commission’s management program, meanwhile, earns some accolades.

March 22, 2018

A good backpack kitchen is about weight, but also utility

Your backpack kitchen has to be light, but it has to be functional, too. Pick the right gear of the right type and you’ll be primed for adventure.

March 22, 2018

Outdoor extras, including a crappie fishing tip

Crappie fishing and minnows under a bobber? That’s an old standard. but here’s a twist on how to present that bait that can sometimes trigger finicky fish to bite

March 22, 2018

Tips for finding bass throughout the season

Finding bass is the first step to catching bass. One pro explains how he goes about getting on fish and eliminating unproductive water quickly.

March 22, 2018

Fish and Boat Commission gets chilly reception

The Fish and Boat Commission didn’t face a lot of questions or comments when delivering its annual report to state Senators. But those it did hear weren’t overly friendly.

March 22, 2018

Erie Extreme puts the fun in fishing on television

Erie Extreme is a fishing show, that’s true. But the fishing is really just a “hook” to promote fun and a region that offers all kinds of opportunities.

March 14, 2018

Forest fire season is here and those who venture outdoors need to remember that

Forest fire season has arrived. For the next three months especially, all those who wander the woods need to be careful and practice some common sense safety.

March 14, 2018

Outdoor extras, including a cold weather water filter tip

Heading outdoors in the cold weather? Keep your water filter warm. Plus, we look at a cold weather bass lure and a fun camping recipe.

March 14, 2018

Youth trapping season under review

Might a youth trapping season be the key to getting more kids involved in the sport? No one in the country has tried that, but it’s an idea under discussion right now.

March 14, 2018

No second buck and other outdoor news

Pennsylvania deer hunters aren’t going to get a shot at a second buck. We’ve got that, plus lots of other outdoor news from around the country.

March 14, 2018

Successful spring turkey hunting with a decoy hinges on a few key factors

Spring turkey hunting seasons are on teh horizon. Now is the time to figure out how to work your decoys this year.

March 8, 2018

Massasauga rattlesnake responds to habitat work

The massasauga rattlesnake is threatened across its range. A recent research project shows habitat management can help populations, though.

March 8, 2018

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